If you found this page, we have something in common. We are in love with Barcelona for more than 5 years. This is an amazing place and we hope you will fell in love with this city too. Our website is not a typical one – there are no standard descriptions of monuments you can find in traditional guides. It is a guide that tells you how to use your time in Barcelona in the best and the cheapest way. I can tell you what for sure you won’t find here. There are no bars and restaurants that have payed for advertising – all places you can find here are checked by us personally or with our friends. Often, these are not exclusive restaurants, but certainly those that are memorable and have their own atmosphere. We want you to feel comfortable here. This page is a „BIG thank” to all that we have met in Barcelona and for all who made Barcelona our second home.

See you in Barcelona!


Lena and Sebastian


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